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1948 - 1968

September 1948 Takamatsu Ironworks Co., Ltd. (sole proprietorship) established by Kiichi Takamatsu
January 1960 Ventured into machine tools through manufacture of chamfering lathe T600
July 1961 Reorganized into a limited company, established the current company with a stated capital of 3 million yen
May 1968 Relocated the head office plant to Matsumura-machi, Kanazawa City

1969 - 1989

April 1973 Ms. Kuni Takamatsu appointed as president
November 1973 Opened the Tokyo Branch Office (currently the Kanto Branch)
September 1974 Started sales of “MERITER” precision hydraulic automatic lathes
July 1975 Export of “VIK MERITER” precision hydraulic automatic lathes
June 1976 Opened the Osaka Branch Office (currently the Kansai Branch)
October 1976 Announced the TCC-8 (hydraulic) interactive CNC lathe with CRT at the 8th Tokyo International Trade Fair, starting production of CNC lathes
November 1985 Relocated the head office plant to 1-8 Asahigaoka Industrial Park (current location) in Matto City (now Hakusan City)
May 1988 Toyokichi Kawae appointed as president
December 1989 Technical tie-up with EMAG (West Germany) on manufacture of concrete beds

1990 - 2010

September 1991 Established a second plant at Asahigaoka 2-18, Matto City (now Hakusan City) and relocated the Industrial Machinery Department
April 1996 Established TAKAMATSU MACHINERY USA, INC.
June 1996 Kiyoshi Takamatsu appointed as president and Toyokichi Kawae appointed as chairman
October 1996 Established representative offices in Germany, Thailand and Indonesia
November 1997 Acquired ISO9001 certification
December 2000 Acquired ISO14001 certification
February 2001 Listed on the Japan Securities Dealers Association over-the-counter registered market
March 2001 Established a third plant at Asahigaoka 2-18, Matto City (now Hakusan City) and started auto parts machining
August 2003 Established TAKAMATSU MACHINERY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Thailand
September 2003 Established TAKAMAZ-EMAG Co., Ltd.
November 2003 Established a “Development Center” at the Ishikawa Soft Research Park in Matto City (now Hakusan City)
Started operation in December
December 2004 Established HANGZHOU FEELER TAKAMATSU MACHINERY CO., LTD. in China
January 2006 Completed the expansion of the head office plant
April 2006 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May 2006 Discontinued the stock listing on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
June 2006 Completed the Thai factory
July 2007 Established a representative office in China
August 2008 Established F.T. Japan Co., Ltd.
October 2008 Took over a sheet metal processing business through an M&A, and started business at Yokoe-machi, Hakusan City
March 2009 Established TAKAMAZ MACHINERY EUROPE GmbH in Germany
November 2010 Established TAKAMAZ MACHINERY (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD. in Hangzhou, China

2011 - The present

January 2012 The “T-650”, “MERITER”, and “TCC-8” certified as industrial heritage of manufacturing in Ishikawa
March 2013 Completed expansion of the head office plant and relocated the sheet metal processing business
April 2013 Established PT. TAKAMAZ INDONESIA in Indonesia
June 2013 Completed and relocated a new plant for HANGZHOU FEELER TAKAMATSU MACHINERY CO., LTD
February 2015 Established T P M ACHINE PARTS CO., LTD. with P QUALITY MACHINE PARTS CO., LTD. in Thailand
January 2017 Established TAKAMAZ MACHINERY MEXICO, S.A.DE C.V. in Mexico
April 2018 Soichiro Takamatsu appointed as president and Kiyoshi Takamatsu appointed as chairman
February 2019 Established EASTERN SEABOARD BRANCH in Thailand
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