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Company Profile
Date of establishment July 1, 1961
Stated capital 1,835 million yen (as of the end of March 2023)
Net Sales Consolidated : 16,675 million yen
Non-consolidated : 15,811 million yen
(April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023)
Representatives Chairman: Kiyoshi Takamatsu
President: Soichiro Takamatsu
Nature of Business - Manufacture, sales, servicing and maintenance of CNC lathes, etc.
- Manufacture and sales of parts, collet chucks, etc.
- Manufacture of IT-related manufacturing equipment
- Machining of automobile parts
- Manufacture of food processing machinery
Consolidated number of employees 535
Group companies 11 companies (as of the end of March 2023)
* Figures less than a million are rounded down.

Business Philosophy

Takamatsu Machinery contributes to society.
Along with providing safe, high-quality products to customers,
a stable life and hope to employees, and
appropriate dividends to shareholders,
we will actively contribute to the development of society with a spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity with cooperating companies.

Board of Directors


Chairman  Kiyoshi Takamatsu


Kiyoshi Takamatsu

President Soichiro Takamatsu


Soichiro Takamatsu

Managing Director General Sales Manager Yutaka Tokuno

Executive Director
General Manager
Machine Tool Division

Yutaka Tokuno

Managing Director General Manager Production Division Minoru Isobe

Managing Director
New Business Department
Parts Business Department

Minoru Isobe

Managing Director Administrative Director Hisashi Shijima

Managing Director
Administrative Director
Quality Assurance Department

Hisashi Shijima

Outside Director
Yuichi Nakanishi
Outside Director
Kotomi Ikemoto
Outside Director
Emi Takata

Corporate Auditor

Full-time Corporate Auditor
Toshiya Murata
Outside Corporate Auditor
Kazuo Takai
Outside Corporate Auditor
Naotaka Terai
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