Low-speed high-torque specification added
These space-savings, and this productivity, with an 8-inch-class machine equipped with a loader!
A new specification with the ability to deliver high torque when machining in the medium- and low-speed ranges has been added. (Spindle bearing I.D. φ120 mm)
This model equipped with a large-diameter chuck targets the cutting of large-diameter workpieces, offering heavy-duty cutting capability when machining at medium and low spindle speeds.
Aiming to reduce thermal displacement
TAKAMAZ’s unique thermal displacement compensation system and high-precision options for spindle base cooling can be installed. Dimensions can be managed reliably in harsh environments with large temperature changes.
TAKAMAZ’s New Operation System Adopted
In addition to a conventional FANUC screen, the most appropriate functions for machine automation are equipped.
The support functions are added to allow manual
cutting for tool alignment to be performed safely and easily. In addition, IoT (the traceability function) helps with preventive maintenance by automatically saving operating statuses.
New Loader Can be Installed
In addition to the conventional Σi Loader, a loader with FANUC control to allow global rollout has been added as a new option.
The handle retrace function improves the efficiency of setup work.