Supporting automation needs
Loader hand
The ability to mount a new gantry loader allows flexible configuration of automation lines for flange workpieces.
Improved capability suited to bar work
A higher motor output power in addition to a larger main spindle through-hole diameter increases the cutting capacity, allowing heavy-duty cutting of large-diameter bar materials. (Maximum bar diameter for main spindle: φ51 mm, motor output: 18 . 5 / 15 / 11 k W, 13% reduction in spindle acceleration/deceleration time and 50% increase in material removal compared to existing machines)
Higher level of freedom for tooling
The holders used adopt the bolt-mount system for excellent repeatability. A dedicated loader is a new addition.
Installing the hobbing unit makes gear cutting a breeze too!
Up to 48 turning tools and 24 power tools can be mounted with a turret half-indexing mechanism. In addition, a bolt mount system (BMT45), the new global standard, is adopted. A wide range of tooling variations realizes machining suitable for your production style.
Easier maintenance and setup for multi-variety, small-quantity production
The machine body equipped with a slant slide at an angle of 60 ° enables efficient chip discharge, thereby preventing chip accumulation and increasing the ease of maintenance.  Furthermore, the accessibility of the area between the spindles from the front of the machine is improved, helping to lighten setup work.