Designed for high quality and endurance
We have called on the technical knowhow on lathes that we have built up over many years, and adopted a spindle unit with the same bore diameter of 100 mm that has proven itself on our flagship model (XL-150). The machine will maintain endurance even in working environments outside Japan and minimize changes in finish dimensions if operating over long periods.
Simultaneous attainment of low costs and high reliability
Simplifying the structure realizes low costs and provides differ entiation from existing machines. What is more, high reliability is maintained because, from parts to assembly, manufacture is completely done in Japan while achieving low costs.
Operator-friendly design
Excellent accessibility, with a spindle center height of 980 mm and a distance from the front of 315 mm, along with a low machine ceiling height of 1,400 mm, release operators from feeling constricted and allow even short-statured operators to work without strain. Maintainability is also improved by adopting a fixed-type coolant tank that can be cleaned inside simply by removing the lid.
Equipped with a tailstock unit
The tailstock unit allows shaft work to be handled as well.