Stroke adjustable chucking cylinder provided as standard
Maximum turning diameter with a 6-inch chuck is φ180mm. With the machine’s compactness in design taking up only 1,610mm x 1,250mm of floor space, installation is not a problem. Also components for routine maintenance are accessible on the front and back of the machine making side-by-side machine placement possible.
The start condition confirmation function prevents machine trouble.
After pressing the cycle start button, the machine checks the machine’s presets and checks if conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, the machine will prompt a warning on the display. The enhanced software and safety features can prevent operator start-up errors, any mechanical damage, and even the outflow of defective products.
Improved operability
Through ergonomic design, the machine operational panel has been installed at an optimal height. This makes the monitor easier to see from a comfortable posture. Buttons that are used in high frequency are easy to press and positioned on the right side. This improves workability as well as preventing malfunctions and mistakes. The variation in height of operators was considered in the design process of the door handles. The handle is made of stainless steel and elongated for easier opening and closing of the door.
Designed with the operator in mind
With the spindle height at 960mm and 270mm from the front of the machine, anyone can easily replace the chuck or work. Also, the overall height of the machine is only 1,585mm. This creates some open space for the operator so they will not feel cramped and confined. The cutting oil tank has a cover made of removable sheet metal. Now it is possible to clean up small chips that often remained and keep the machine clean.