Further enhanced speed
The rapid traverse rate is fastest in its class (X axis: 18 m/min, Z axis: 24 m/min). The Z-axis motor output is improved, thus increasing the drilling capacity by 20% (compared to the previous model).
Loading system selection according to user specifications
Compact loader FC60
Gantry-type servo loader ΣiGH

You can choose between a space-saving compact loader (ΣiC60 or FC60) that is installed on the machine and a gantry loader (FGH) that is ideal for building flexible systems.

World-class high-speed loading [1.85 sec] has been realized.
In addition to our reputable Σi loaders, the new F loaders with higher operability and speed can now be selected. The FC60 loader has a rapid traverse rate of 120 m/min on both the traverse axis and the vertical axis. This achieves a loading time of 2.8 seconds.
The control screen of the FC60 loader specification is a 10.4-inch touch panel type with excellent operability, and incorporates various functions, such as an automatic teaching function.
Pursuit to suppress thermal displacement
TAKAMAZ's original thermal displacement compensation system (Thermony®), spindle base cooling system, and other optional compensation functions help to maintain stable cutting accuracy even under harsh environments.
TAKAMAZ operating system adopted (F loader specifications)
In addition to the conventional FANUC screen, functions optimal for automated machines are featured. A support function is added to enable safe and easy manual cutting work for tool alignment, and also there is the traceability function that automatically saves the operating status to assist with preventive maintenance.
Higher operability
The machine configuration is reviewed to achieve a lower spindle center height and good accessibility.
The workpiece loading conveyor height (if equipped with a loader) is lowered to lighten the workload on the operator.