Ideal machine construction for shaft work
The unique 1-spindle 2-turret and servo-controlled tailstock configuration dramatically improves shaft work productivity. The X-axis stroke is set to max. 115 mm. Crankshafts up to 700 mm long can also be handled. (Some restrictions apply)
Increased productivity with high efficiency machining
The cycle time is shortened by balance cutting with symmetrical twin turrets, and simultaneous left/right individual machining. Added to that, adoption of a 10-station turret gives leeway in the tool layout.
Equipped with a new loader with a capacity of 10 kg (max. 20 kg)
We propose high productivity through automation by calling on the automation know-how that we pride ourselves on. Moreover, excellent accessibility is assured by a distance from the front of the machine to the spindle of 370 mm, so it is possible to work in a posture with little strain, while a square design that also emphasizes maintainability is adopted, achieving high levels of safety and working convenience.
High rigidity and compact body
The use of a large-diameter spindle (bearing inner diameter φ120 mm) and square slideways achieves heavy-duty cutting with a cross-sectional area of 1.5 square millimeters while realizing space savings of approximately 32% compared to existing models, greatly improving the productivity per unit area.