Use of a linear turret substantially reduces idle time
To answer the requirements imposed by severe operation time restrictions, the machine is equipped with a linear turret that doesn't need to be indexed. The machine has also been given a simpler construction, which improves its rigidity and so allows more accurate machining.
※The XD-8 PLUS can also be equipped with a 6-station drum turret.
Eco-friendly specifications for a cleaner production environment.
The XD-5PLUS/8PLUS features high-performance ball screws and linear guides with a self-lubrication function.
In addition to eliminating the need for daily lubrication checks, this feature prevents the mixing of lubricating oil into coolant and its degradation, greatly reducing maintenance time and promoting a cleaner production environment.
Energy savings are realized by adopting a power regeneration system.
A machine like this goes through a great deal of spindle acceleration/deceleration and repeated turret motions in both directions, so the reverse electromotive force generated during motor deceleration is not consumed by conversion to heat as in previous machine models. Instead there is a power recycling system whereby the generated energy is circulated back to the power supply, giving durability in continuous operation, and energy savings.
Compact design with integral loader for high-efficiency operation.
This is a design with an integrated loader making use of space in the body of the lathe. No unproductive additional space is required, resulting in space savings. In addition, the servo motor drive cuts running costs by reducing consumable parts. Also, new oil-free linear guides are adopted, which reduces running costs since they are maintenance-free.