10-station turret equipped as standard
Two 10-station turrets are installed to increase the number of tools that can be accommodated for better production efficiency.
Longest stroke in the two-spindle series
Easily tackle all kinds of irregularly shaped workpieces by taking advantage of the generous machine interior!
Slide strokes of 170 mm on the X axis and 270 mm on the Z a xis achieve the maximum O.D. turning zone in the TAKAMAZ two-spindle series. Even workpieces that require cutting deep into the I.D. at the same time, such as differential cases and brake calipers, can be handled.
Maintaining stable cutting accuracy
A high-rigidity linear guide is employed for each slide. This suppresses the yawing during slide motion that affects cutting accuracy, while maintaining rigidity. Smooth linear operation is obtained under high loads, and stable accuracy is achieved. As an advantage of linear guides, they contribute to energy savings since little lubricant is used.