Space savings in production lines
Due to the turret and slide structure, the width of the machine with the loader transfer has been cut to 1,595 mm, the smallest in the class. (25% smaller than existing models) This reduces the workpiece transfer distance from the machine to peripheral devices, allowing the width of the production line to be reduced.
Shorter machining cycles
6-inch-class 2-spindle machine. Ideal for machining mass production parts.
A 7.5/5.5 kW spindle motor is installed, and the increased power reduces spindle acceleration/deceleration times. (Comparison with previous models: Acceleration/deceleration time reduced 22% with max. speed of 4,500 min-1)
High-speed automation system enables speedy mass Production
A new 3-axis high-speed loader is installed. The loader was engineered in conjunction with the lathe, realizing an optimum transfer system for the machine to reduce cycle times. (The shortest cycle time for front and back machining with processes 1 and 2 is 17.5 seconds, an 8% reduction compared to previous models.)