Higher accuracy and shorter cycles for increased productivity
The spindle boasts a high maximum speed of 8,000min-1. Its built-in construction also offers proven machining accuracy!
A 4-inch built-in motor equipped spindle is installed as a standard feature to achieve higher accuracy and shorterspindle acceleration/deceleration time. (Compared to the previous model: spindle acceleration/deceleration timereduction of up to 40%)
User friendly machine design
Tool holders are located within easy reach (spindle center height: 950 mm) with a fully opening door above the holderlocation for improved usability. The slide stroke is extended to ensure the degree of freedom in tooling. (Compared tothe previous model: X-axis 25%, Z-axis 56% extended)
Easy-to-use operation panel
The operation panel can slide The touch-panel type operation panel (MITSUBISHI new NC: M80) is employed,enabling intuitive operations by minimizing the buttons displayed for each process. Touch gestures as like a tabletPC are supported to reduce the number of operations and heighten work efficiency. An auto backup function forcutting programs is installed and in case of trouble, data can be saved to SD card, USB memory device, or eitherNC memory as selected.
Ultra compact design suitablefor production line formation in a limited space
The machine width is only 780 mm, which makes the loader transfer distance short and therefore the line widthshort, contributing to the reduction of installation space and cycle time. (Machine width without loader: 1,310 mm)