Smallest floor space in the 6-inch class
Ultra-compact construction with machine width of only 1,105 mm.
Adopting a low center of gravity construction with a spindle height of 960 mm reduces strain on the operator.
Cycle times shortened by increasing speed
・Max. spindle speed: +500 min-1 (comparison with existing model)
・Spindle acceleration time: Shortened by 35% (comparison with existing model) *1
・Spindle deceleration time: Shortened by 25% (comparison with existing model) *1
・X-axis rapid traverse speed: 50% UP (comparison with existing model)
・Z-axis rapid traverse speed: 33% UP (comparison with existing model)
Movements are made faster on all axes.
By reducing both cutting time and non-cutting time, cycle times are reduced and help to improve productivity.
*1 Comparison at the maximum spindle speed of the existing model, 4,500 min-1
Energy savings when machine is stopped
An “idle stop function” that automatically stops power supply to the hydraulic pump when the machine is stopped is now incorporated.
This provides a power conservation effect when the machine is stopped, such as during machine setup work.
Loader energy savings (F loader) *2
A power regeneration system is adopted, providing an 18% power conservation effect compared to a Σi loader.
In addition, the “speed optimization function”, which automatically regulates the speed of movements outside the machine to an adequate level without affecting cycle time has a power conservation effect of -32% compared to a Σi loader and also helps to prolong the service lives of the parts used.
*2 The reduction rate varies according to the operating conditions.
Efforts to reduce thermal displacement
Our unique thermal displacement compensation system (Thermony) can be installed.
Dimensions can be managed reliably even in environments with large temperature changes.