Large 19-inch touch screen
A large 19-inch touch screen with great visual comfort is adopted to improve operability during setup.
The 2-screen multi-display can be switched over according to the purpose of operation.
The home screen can be used to check for causes of machine down­time, such as low lubricating oil and counters reaching preset values, before they occur and thereby improve the machine availability rate.
In addi­tion, machine status data and traceability data can be saved and utilized such as for quality control and investigating the cause of a machine error, and therefore contribute to enabling stable operation of the equipment.
Reduction of the number of parts and enhanced energy saving effect
The new MG loader installed in this machine uses far less parts compared to previous loader systems by integrating parts such as the control PCB, display unit, and battery which is a maintenance part, into the machine.
In addition, the new adoption of a power regeneration system along with higher-speed movements gives greater energy savings than previous models.
Pursuit of production efficiency
Featuring a footprint of a mere 2.75 m2, this machine needs only enough space for installing a single lathe.
We promise high-precision and high-efficiency production with two built-in motor spindles.
Unlike when two machines are connected, there is only need for one set of ancillary units such as a chip con­veyor, coolant unit, and mist collector, making the machine very economical.