Exhibited at EMO Hannover 2019

We exhibited at EMO Hannover 2019 held at the Hanover Fairground from Thursday, September 16 to Saturday, September 21.

This venue where state-of-the-art technological capabilities were brought together under one roof was bustling with visitors from all over the world.

TAKAMAZ welcomed the customers with a lineup that has a competitive edge in Europe, including the XY series.

7 exhibited machines: XT-6 + WE30Ve (ENSHU Limited), XYT-51, XW-130, XG-4, ESL-10 + FANUC robot, XY-120 PLUS


The machining presentation from lathe (XT-6) to machining center (WE30Ve: ENSHU Limited) was easy to grasp and attracted the attention of a lot of customers.

View the details of XT-6


After the event had ended, we held a party in our booth. We welcomed our regular customers and dealers, steamand enjoyed meeting them in a friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone’s help we managed to make a great success of this exhibition. we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everybody who came.

We will make efforts to strengthen our cooperation with the customers and dealers so that we can keep providing better service, and we ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.