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TAKAMAZ 50th Anniversary
企業情報 社長挨拶 オレンジライン

Thank you very much to all of our customers, for your exceptional patronage.

As we reach a major turning point at the 70th anniversary of our company’s founding, it is with continued resolve that we recommit ourselves to keeping our customers’ perspective in mind as we produce our machines, working to provide “machines that earn money” to our customers in Japan and around the world.

The world is entering an era of great upheaval. And yet, it is during times like these that we must continue to listen closely to our customers, focus our efforts on the development of high-quality and high-efficiency products, and offer the added value of our technology to both our customers and society as a whole.

At the same time, we have also worked to build a work environment that places a high value on work-life balance, to help us cultivate the outstanding human resources needed to compete on the international stage.

Thank you, once again, to our outstanding customers. We look forward to providing you with exceptional products for many years to come.