Private show held at Indonesian subsidiary

We held a private show at PT. TAKAMAZ INDONESIA (PTTI), our Indonesian subsidiary, for two days on August 24th and 25th.

This event was the first in three years at PTTI, and received an approximate 100 visitors over two days.

TAKAMAZ products were promoted using actual machines, making it a highly valuable opportunity.

Considering this event as a stepping stone, we will continue to nurture mutual trust with our clients and business partners.


Exhibited machines


We received an approximate 100 visitors

We received many visitors at the private show held for the first time in three years at PTTI.


Customers looking at XT-6

TAKAMAZ’s leading product, the XT-6, was put on exhibit.


Customers looking at GSL-15 PLUS

Visitors viewing the GSL-15 PLUS which is particularly popular in South East Asia


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